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    June 20, 2023 GIID Release “Why Governance Matters: An analysis on how innovation districts “Organize for Success”

    The Global Institute on Innovation Districts (GIID), an organization dedicated to the study of innovation districts, has published a research paper, “Why Governance Matters: An analysis on how innovation districts “Organize for Success”. The paper is based on the result of several years of research, including an analysis of 10 governance models.

    The paper was written by Julie Wargner, founder of GIID. She concludes “The ability for innovation districts to organize effectively can be the deciding factor in why one district fails while another succeeds and powerfully evolves. Unless district leaders design effective models to lead and govern, they are destined to become stuck in organizational, if not political, gridlock. This paper is a wake-up call for early and emerging districts worldwide.”(quoted from the paper release page to which we provide a link below)

    Based on the lessons learned, the study outlines seven factors that lead to effective governance.

    Link: https://www.giid.org/why-innovation-districts-need-effective-governance/#subscribe-for-download-file

    *CREI participates in “the Global Network” by GIID. For more information, click here.

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    [Title]   CREI International Event

    ーInnovation Districts and Real Estate Economy in the Worldー


    DAY1 === Mar. 29, 2024 11:00 – 17:20 JST

    DAY2 === Mar. 30, 2024 11:00 – 16:00 JST

    [Location] University of Tokyo , Hongo Campus

    FUKUTAKE Learning Theater −B2F−

    *Zoom Webinar available

    [Lineups] https://www.crei.e.u-tokyo.ac.jp/activities/1507/?category=seminar-event (Added on March 7th)

    [Registration] Google form


    [Participation fee] Free

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    ■No.22(March, 2024)

    Tourism and Local Economic Development

    Takafumi Kawakubo/Takafumi Suzuki