■No.5(January, 2022) NEW
The value of urban landscapes in a suburban city of Tokyo, Japan: A semantic segmentation approach using Google Street View images

Masatomo Suzuki/Junichiro Mori/Takashi Nicholas Maeda/Jun Ikeda

■No.4(December, 2021)
The rapid economic depreciation of Japanese detached houses

Masatomo Suzuki/Yasushi Asami

■No.3(October, 2021)
Hedonic Real Estate Price Estimation with the Spatiotemporal Geostatistical Model

Sachio Muto/Shonosuke Sugasawa/Masatomo Suzuki

■No.2(September, 2021)
Disamenity externalities of long-term vacant houses in a society without frequent foreclosures: the case of a depopulating city in the Tokyo metropolitan area

Masatomo Suzuki/Kimihiro Hino/Sachio Muto

■No.1(September, 2021)
Prediction and Forecasting under Spatial Autocorrelation using a Geostatistical Panel Model

Sachio Muto/Shonosuke Sugasawa/Masatomo Suzuki

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